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When Fire Came from the Sky. - Fantasy Feature Film - Austin Film Festival Second Rounder, 1497 Writer's Lab finalist, Great American Script Contest Semi-Finalist
Set in a Fictionalized Fantasy version of South Asia: A girl's unlikely friendship with a dragon helps her free her people from the oppressive rule of an imperial power.
"The story, characters, and world-building here really are truly sublime... The weaving of the two clashing ideologies into all of the major characters' backstories and actions is honestly masterfully done." - Austin Film Festival
Hotel Metropolis - A South Asian Dramedy TV Pilot - Austin Film Festival Second Rounder, Screencraft's Pilot Launch Quarterfinalist
Based on True Events... according to Pakistani Gossip: A Family smuggles alcohol into Pakistan in order to entertain their high-profile guests at The Hotel Metropolis.
"The plot presents a strong narrative within a compelling world. I was intrigued the entire time... The characters are fully developed and complex enough to want to watch for a full season. The dialogue feels authentic to each character and to the world of the story." - Austin Film Festival 
Patterns - Cosmic Horror Feature Film- Written by Micah Khan and Padrick Noel
Shortly after his father's death, a couple discovers a rug that leads to a mysterious dimension. In the rug, they find a child.
Dead City - Action Horror Comedy Feature Film.
A group of fake “paranormal investigators” find themselves in a fight for survival against a centuries-old supernatural evil that wants to harvest their souls and force them into an eternity of unpaid labor.
The Run on 51 - Sci-Fi Action Comedy
After a stoner ex-Marine goes viral for saying he will “Naruto Run” into Area 51, our unlikely hero becomes entangled in a massive government conspiracy, where he fights not only for his own life but for the fate of humanity.
The Bottom of It A Tokusatsu Sci-Fi Action Comedy Feature​​​​​​​
Logline: After Rory, a human rights lawyer, discovers that an evil corporation has genetically engineered a Kaiju(Giant Monster), he must fight to expose Lestercorp before they destroy his city and home.​​​​​​​
Brick Town- Action Feature
Set in a near-future where billionaires own cities: A former cop fights for his family when the governing corporation violently removes his community from their homes.
Collateral Damage - Crime Thriller
Collateral Damage follows HUEY, a gambler, who robs a Mob boss, JOHN, during a poker game. Huey is on the run and seeks shelter with his estranged brother, ANDREW, who is a gym rat and Pyramid scheme peddler. After John hires a pair of hitmen, ROCK and DONNY, to hunt down Huey, Andrew, and Huey’s lives collide with Fitness Influencer, TAYLOR, and Medium and Tator Card Reader, RENEE, leading to a violent night that will change everyone’ lives.​​​​​​​
Back to One - Bollywood/Hollywood Musical Feature Film
After a stunt gone wrong destroys a holy statue, an American action movie star’s existence is turned into a Bollywood Musical by the God, Krishna.
Deity Control - Action Comedy TV Pilot
Follows the lives of the Deity Control Department as they work to keep 21st-century Gods, new and old, from endangering human lives
Stone Age on Danceworld - Comedy TV Pilot
Based on the short film, Meetcute on Danceworld, Danceworld is an anthology TV show that takes a look at the history and lives of the people on Danceworld. 
This is Classified - Comedy TV Pilot  - Brooklyn Nine-Nine meets What We Do In The Shadows.
This is Classified follows the lives of the New York Paranormal Defence Department’s  Seven-Three investigators as they protect the citizens of New York State against supernatural threats.
The God of Albany - Drama TV Pilot
Based on a true story: Follows the life of a Pakistani Con Artist turned FBI Informant who fabricated terrorist plots and entrapped Muslims in Upstate NY
The Fury of the Lost World - Spec Action Feature Film
In this Jurassic World and The Fast and The Furious crossover event, Deckard and Han team up with Little Nobody to stop InGen's development of a genetically modified dinosaur army.
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