When Fire Came from the Sky. - Fantasy Feature Film.
Set in a Fictionalized Fantasy version of South Asia: After her father dies, A Girl sets out to take revenge on the Dragons that killed him but everything changes when she meets a dragon.
"The story, characters, and world-building here really are truly sublime... The weaving of the two clashing ideologies into all of the major characters' backstories and actions is honestly masterfully done." - Austin Film Festival
Austin Film Festival Second Rounder
1497 Writer's Lab finalist
Great American Script Contest Semi-Finalist
Hotel Metropolis - A South Asian Dramedy TV Pilot
Based on True Events... according to Pakistani Gossip: A Family smuggles alcohol into Pakistan in order to entertain their high-profile guests at The Hotel Metropolis.
"The plot presents a strong narrative within a compelling world. I was intrigued the entire time... The characters are fully developed and complex enough to want to watch for a full season. The dialogue feels authentic to each character and to the world of the story." - Austin Film Festival
Austin Film Festival Second Rounder
Screencraft's Pilot Launch Quarterfinalist
Down - Cosmic Horror Feature Film- Written by Micah Khan and Padrick Noel
Shortly after the death of his father, a couple discovers a rug that leads to a mysterious dimension. In the rug, they find a child.
Dead City - Action/Comedy Feature Film with spooky elements. 
After coming to a small town in Upstate New York to exploit a rich family of their wealth, a group of fake “paranormal investigators” find themselves in a fight for survival against a centuries-old and very real supernatural evil.
Back to One - Bollywood/Hollywood Musical Feature Film
After a stunt gone wrong destroys a holy statue, an American action movie star’s existence is turned into a Bollywood Musical by the God, Krishna.
Stone Age on Danceworld - Comedy TV Pilot
Based on the short film, Meetcute on Danceworld, Danceworld is an anthology TV show that takes a look at the history and lives of the people on Danceworld. 
The Fury of the Lost World - Spec Action Feature Film
In this Jurassic World and The Fast and The Furious crossover event, Deckard Shaw and Han join up with Little Nobody to stop InGen's development of an army of genetically modified dinosaurs.
This is Classified - Comedy TV Pilot
This is Classified follows the lives of the New York Paranormal Defence Department’s  Seven-Three investigators as they protect the citizens of New York State against supernatural threats.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine meets What We Do In The Shadows.
The God of Albany - Drama TV Pilot
Based on a true story: Follows the life of a Pakistani Con Artist turned FBI Informant who fabricated terrorist plots and entrapped Muslims in Upstate NY.
Appetizers - Action/Noir Feature Film
Set in a Cyberpunk Mumbai: A detective must solve who murdered the owner of the largest digital brothel in Mumbai.
Verisimilitude- Action/Comedy Feature Film
An action movie star’s Broadway debut is derailed when he’s launched into an acid trip on opening night and must confront the ghosts of his past.
Brick Town- Action Feature
Set in a near-future where billionaires own cities: A former cop fights for his family when the governing corporation violently removes his community from their homes. 
These projects and many more are available to read by contacting my manager at Candice@EightSoldiers.com

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