In a world where no one speaks verbally, one woman will try to get laid through the complex and sweaty language of DANCE.
“Never seen anything quite like it before. I was smiling the whole way through. It’s fresh, original and it kicks ass.” - David Benioff, Co-Creator of HBO’s Game of Thrones on Meetcute on Danceworld
"Meetcute on Danceworld is a funny, charmingly original experiment in using dance as dialogue — there’s verve and dedication to finding a new way to tell a story." - Moviemaker Magazine.
"Very innovative storytelling and camera work..." - Rayne Roberts, Vice President, Development at Lucasfilms.​​​​​​​
"Really enjoyed this film" - tweeted by Ben Stiller, Director, Actor, Activist.​​​​​​​
Winner of Robert Rodriguez's People's Network Showcase Contest. 
"Micah’s ability to make great action films on little to no budget is truly something that not every filmmaker can do successfully. I was really impressed that Micah was able to shoot his short on a micro budget with limited time and still produce something that came out enjoyable and captivating. I truly appreciate his enthusiasm and how hard he works. With little warning, I asked him to send in a self-short interview for our showcase and he managed to find the time with a full crew to film the interview during a lunch break, while on another project, just so we would have a well-shot video. To work in television, I believe you need that type of passion, the positivity which Micah uses to excite and energize the crew around him. As a director, Micah is that great leader who can work with a crew, listen to everyone’s thoughts and create a wonderful collaborative environment." - Ryan Crow, Former Executive Producer at El Rey Network
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